Pops are used to generate leads. There are two popular ways to do that: via redirect, leading to the advertiser’s page with an offer, or via a pre-lander, a sort of a landing page with no form to fill in but with a Call-to-Action (CTA) button.


Popunders (on-click) or pops are ad formats which have become rather popular over the last years. There are numerous ad networks working with this type of online advertising, and more and more advertisers and webmasters are choosing popups and popunders to boost their profits.

Popups are new browser windows which open over the main or active window.

They are thought to be more aggressive than pops which are viewed only after the active browser window is closed. All of these types use a Javascript code in order to be displayed.


When you come up with the decision to advertise online, you may think of different ad formats and even try some.

Despite the idea that pops disturb users, they actually convert much better in comparison to many other ad formats, sometimes reaching up to 300%+ boost in ROI.

Pops also win when we consider the problem of “blindness” or, in other words, the users’ neglect that banners and display ads suffer from. Users have to interact with popunder ads more consciously. Keeping in mind that pops target the right audience, they have a better chance of being viewed.


In Alpha Nu we offer popunder with best targetting and lowest cost per registration, you can analyzeour services and efficiency in less than a week after you start your service.

it will take a few minutes for us to set up your ads if you already have your link and content, and then you just need to waif few hours for your ads to get approved. 

We do offer variety of pricing models for popunders: 

  • CPA – Cost-per-Acquisition
  • CPI – Cost-per-Install
  • CPL – Cost-per-Lead
  • CPS – Cost-per-Sale
  • CPM – Cost-per-Mile (per 1000 impressions)

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