With Perfect Timing, we know the “optimal hour of the day” when your subscriber is most likely to open and click your emails. We will wait from 0 to 23 hours before delivering your email to each subscriber individually to make sure that the delivery occurs exactly during that “perfect timing” slot for every person on your list. To activate it turn on Perfect timing in the Summary step of creating a newsletter.

How is Perfect Timing different from Time Travel?

Time Travel delivers your email at a specific local time, regardless where your subscriber is located geographically so it is great to deliver your 9 AM mailing at precisely 9 AM  for each subscriber, no matter if they’re in New York, Los Angeles or Shanghai. Perfect Timing goes a step further. It uses historical data for each recipient to determine when they’re most likely to open and click, and then delivers your newsletter exactly during that “perfect” time window.

Analyzing statistics when using Perfect Timing

In order to reach that perfectly timed moment, we will wait up to 23 hours before delivering the message to some of your subscribers. Though we know you might be excited to see the results of your mailing right away, we suggest that you wait at least 48 hours before analyzing the statistics. Our best suggestion is to evaluate performance based on the statistics generated after 72 hours (3 days) or even 96 hours (4 days) following the message delivery.

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